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Lifehacker just posted some tips/instructions on how to save your neck when using a laptop on an airplane. The seats on an airplane [in coach] aren’t known to be the most spacious, so to make sure you aren’t straining your neck while working on that important document (or watching movies, probably, right?), you should angle […]


I like this Undefeated Bear Crew Neck Grey. It’s $78 at the Undefeated online store.

Not only does wearing a camera around your neck like this look silly, it also allows clever thieves to steal your lens right from under your nose. All they have to do apparently is ask for directions and stand uncomfortably close to you during the exchange. [via] This would never happen to me mainly because […]


A new invention called The Hövding is an airbag for cyclists that hides sort of discreetly away in your shirt collar. When it senses a fall or collision, the airbag deploys around the entire head and protects it from impact. The test video of the device below shows how the airbag might come in handy […]


3sixteen continues their journey of putting out great looking clothing, accessories, and shoes with these 4 3sixteen neck ties. They are available now at the 3sixteen shop for $77 each. Plus, you can rest assured that you’re helping the US economy get out of its recession because each of these babies is made 100% in […]

Here’s the legendary Steve Irwin back in 1991 on an Australian kids TV show doing a demonstration with a small python. As you will hear, Steve Irwin says that the snake won’t bite him and then a few seconds later the snake proceeds to bite his neck! But being Steve Irwin, he plays it cool […]