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This is going to fly over the heads of most viewers, but at least one Community fan is helping the rest of us get the inside joke on how the writers of the show have slowly slipped in the word “Beetlejuice” 3 times (once for every season). In the third time, you see Beetlejuice walk […]


Know somebody who prides themselves in having an inbox with 0 unread messages? Or maybe somebody who’s been featured on BoingBoing? Or how about a Foursquare addict? If you know anyone like those just mentioned, maybe you should get them some Nerd Merit Badges. These 1.5″ badges are velcro-backed and can be put on jackets […]


Want to see more awesome pictures of nerds, dorks, dweebs, and geeks with bad hair and bad clothes? Look no further than the Dork Yearbook.


Nerd Bots is a Flickr photoset of amazing robots made with retro and vintage electronics. If you look at one thing today, please make it this. The robot creations will make you look at the objects in your life a little differently. [via]