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I honestly don’t know much about fishing at all to know that this method would be effective at curbing small fish death rates, but it seems plausible that it could. I imagine (from my very limited knowledge of fishing) that it would be tough to get fishermen to install these things into their nets. Would […]

Watch this whale shark suck fish out of a hole in a fishing net. Kinda funny.

Wow wow wow. DVICE posted this demo video of some of the highly effective road blocks and barriers made by Barrier1 Systems, Inc.. I’ve known about the effectiveness of bollards from other demo videos but I have never seen nets like the ones in the video above that are flexible yet strong enough to stop […]

I originally posted this on Coudal when I was guest editor there, but I haven’t had time to post it here yet. Basically, Banksy looks like he’s out with his projects again, this time installing a kiddie ride at the Brighton Pier in the shape of a dolphin entangled in a net and jumping over […]

The pigeon population in Spain is apparently so out of control that the city has resorted to netting them in large groups to carry them out of city limits. The sling-shot net contraption they use is fascinating to watch in action, so view the two videos here with intense concentration.