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I never really had to think about this too much since I was lucky enough to be locked into unlimited data on my mobile and home networks, but it’s true, if companies were really concerned about network congestion they would be getting users to downgrade speeds and essentially limit the amount of new sign-ups. [via]


I was waiting on confirmation of this before I bought into the iPhone 5 fully, and now it’s here. The iPhone 5 will reportedly have support for worldwide LTE network speeds. Hopefully, AT&T won’t require a separate kind of data plan for this. Given past history (from EDGE to 3G) it looks like LTE should […]

This is pretty exciting. The Wikimedia Foundation’s Senior Designer Brandon Harris has outlined in a blog post what needs to happen to Wikipedia and its sister sites in the very near future to stay relevant on the web. While it’s still up for debate, he proposes that the network of Wikipedia websites implement an entirely […]

A bit annoying to reset network settings, but hey, it fixes the problem. THANK YOU LIFEHACKER!

Kraft Mac & Cheese is doing this hilarious and cute ad campaign featuring two older women who are thrust into a world of technology to interact with Kraft customers on Twitter and Facebook. In the video above the two of them find out what they’ll be doing and they’re somewhat excited yet confused. Here’s what […]

Watch Derek Hanlon skate this unfinished piece of concrete bridge/highway structure in Boston. Looks like a nice place to explore.