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I’m posting this mainly because near the 7 minute mark, they make a trip towards Area 51 and talk about all the weird sensors and monitoring in that area.

Filmed on location from LA to Reno. My roadtrip this summer won’t include this route, which is good, because it would be too hot to do in the summer. Anyway, a nice beautiful song for the road.

I will never understand the appeal of Burning Man. Sure, a couple of cool art projects come out of there every year, but for the most part, I just have in my mind a picture of a massive dirty hippie party that lasts for a week. Well, the festivities might last for a week, but […]


Photo: Josh Smith and Skylar Challand Just outside of Las Vegas, NV is a place that I’d love to visit. It’s called the Neon Boneyard and it’s part of the official Neon Museum in Las Vegas which houses tons of neon sign leftovers dating back to the 1930′s. idsgn wrote a short post about it […]