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This is kind of like the paper towel with NeverWet video. Not sure why anybody would want to do this, but IF you needed to make sure your sponge didn’t get wet, well, NeverWet does the job well.

This is so cool! You basically never have to clean your sink again if you spray it with NeverWet because everything just slips right off of it! I wonder how long this coat lasts though. Here’s another video of somebody else doing the same thing.

This is┬ácounterintuitive┬áto one’s needs I’m sure, but it can be done! Here’s a paper towel sheet coated with NeverWet.

Again, this stuff is amazing. You can buy this awesome technology right now!

Here’s a video of somebody who got their hands on some NeverWet and sprayed it onto some gloves. Syrup and other liquids don’t stand a chance!