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The Verge notes that Iwan Baan’s amazing photo of part of Manhattan in darkness (used for New York Magazine’s latest cover) was shot on a Canon EOS 1D-X at ISO 25,600, 1/40 shutter speed, and a wide open aperture on the 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens. Iwan Baan’s other photos from the dark times in Manhattan […]

Check out this photo by Iwan Baan taken on Wednesday of Manhattan in partial darkness due to the power outtages after Hurricane Sandy. The image is now the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine!


The latest issue of New York Magazine features the beautiful artwork of Steve Powers. Steve was one of 3 artists picked to design the cover for the “Best of New York” issue and he edged out slightly in the end over Faile and The Heads of State. Pick up an issue on newsstands soon or […]


Just for fun, here’s New York magazine’s slideshow of objects that are quickly becoming obsolete. Remember foldable maps? No? That’s ok, you probably have a GPS now which is better.


New York Magazine’s The Cut has compiled a comprehensive list of shopping deals for Black Friday around the New York City area. Their guide comes with a useful Google Maps mashup (so you know exactly which way to run to beat everyone else to the deals) and a list of stores with deals sorted by […]


New York Magazine has a pretty in-depth article about the financial rise and fall of celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. I just finished reading the whole thing (8 paginated pages…) and learned a lot about the photographer that simply was never taught in school. I’ve always thought of Leibovitz as the kind of photographer few people […]