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I don’t find this particularly surprising, especially since I’ve been mildly sick for the past 2 weeks. The New York Post is reporting that up to 500,000 people in New York City may actually have contracted swine flu. If you’re curious, there are currently 820 confirmed cases of swine flu in NYC, which puts the […]

Take a look at this video of a Ferrari jumping the curb and hitting pedestrians in the middle of Times Square. Believe it or not, this happened during a filming of a Nicolas Cage movie and the two pedestrians that were hurt were NOT actually part of the film set/cast/crew. Who approves a high-speed car […]


With nothing better to write about, The New York Post has published an article that takes a look at a recent poll from People Who Deserve It that asks New Yorkers to vote for their least favorite type of person. Reactions to the poll put slow-walking sidewalk blocker at the #1 spot with 29% of […]