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The page seems to be down right now because it’s being BoingBoing’d, but Edward Tufte has a great page full of Megan Jaegerman’s infographics. This fabulous one on how to spot a hidden handgun is great! It explains quite a few things about hiding a gun and how most of the time it’s actually quite […]


Wow, did anybody visit Gothamist today and think that you were reading The New York Times for a second? Yeah, that New York Times ad is huge.


Using Processing and The New York Times’ Articles Search API, Jer Thorp created this wonderful set of visual connections that show the top organizations and people mentioned in the NYT over a span of one year. The years covered range from 1984 to 2009. Jer Thorp put them up for viewing in both black and […]


The New York Times recently announced a new way to read and skim news headlines using their article skimmer. The NYT says that the article skimmer was made originally to mimic the feel of having the Sunday Times spread out across the table while having brunch — an act of consuming news that I’ve never […]