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Imprint has a great collection of newspaper front page clippings from the personal collection of Rick Meyerowitz’s father, Hy, who collected these during World War II. The newspaper front pages each proclaim a significant moment in WWII in giant, bold letters, something that is a rare sight nowadays in newsprint media.


Stanford University dug into the Library of Congress’ “Chronicling America” project and put together this interactive visualization of over 140,000 American newspapers published over the last 3 centuries. Drag the slider around and see the burst of newspapers spread from East Coast to West Coast with high concentrations where major cities sprouted up. Oh, and […]

Image by Gail Anderson The Type Directors Club has unveiled a project called Beautifully Banal that asks several prominent designers in the industry to remake a classified or personal ad in their own graphical style. Each project is placed alongside its original newspaper ad for comparison. Head on over here to check it out.


NEWScan is a pretty neat way to look at the front pages of major newspapers from around the world. You can somewhat customize the page to have only the front pages you want (from a designated list). And if you really want to delve into the paper, there’s a link at the top right-hand corner […]


The National Library of Australia has launched a beta page of historic Australian newspapers from 1803 to 1954 that you can view in full for free. The site is similar to The New York Times’ TimeMachine archive except of course that all of the newspapers here are from Australia. At the moment, there are 26 […]


Want to know what the front pages of newspapers look like around the world today (hint: Obama-rama in full effect)? Well, then head over to the Newseum’s archive of daily newspaper front pages where you’ll see 684 different ways that newspapers have decided to call victory for Obama.