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Newsweek just unveiled on Facebook their cover for the last issue of their print magazine. Back in October, Newsweek announced that it would end its print publication after an 80-year run and go completely digital from 2013 onward. The new — and last — cover contains the headline “#lastprintissue”, an obvious nod to Twitter and […]


Over the next couple of months, Newsweek is going to go through a big transition to end their print edition of their magazine. After their final issue this year, slated for December 31, 2012, Newsweek will go exclusively online, effectively ending an 80-year print run.


The last week was a weird one in the news. There were so many horrific, flesh-eating, people-gnawing stories in one single week that it didn’t surprise me at all when people started to think zombies were real. The stories spawned mostly from the US and thankfully┬áNewsweek and The Daily Beast have been tracking it using […]

This is amazing. Residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan didn’t like it when Newsweek declared them one of America’s dying cities, so what did they do? They banded together to create the world’s largest lip dub filmed in one single take. The song chosen is Don McLean’s live version of “American Pie”. [via] According to Gawker, […]


SPD has an interview with Dirk Barnett about his goals in redesigning the Newsweek print magazine alongside designer Lindsay Ballant. Dirk also got Jim Parkinson to work out a new Newsweek logo using the Titling Gothic typeface which you can see above in the fresh redesign (hitting newsstands on Monday). The new redesign has a […]


Newsweek collected a bunch of weird and unsubstantiated beliefs held by some Americans. The list is quite surprising at times especially given the relative ease at which a lot of this information can be fact-checked/disproven.