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I already posted the first video in the on-going video series from Google about the design and production of the Nexus One, but it seems like Google released 3 more videos over the weekend. If you’re interested in how the phone was made and tested, you’ll want to watch the videos after the jump.

Google is touting this video above as a peek into the design process behind the Nexus One, but what it really is is just a fancy ad for the device. It doesn’t really show much behind the design process at all. It’s just a bunch of people who worked on the project talking about what […]

This mini-advertisement for the Google Nexus One was made by Patrick Boivin. I think it’s very well done and entertaining to watch.

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The perks of being the Nexus One, a phone developed and launched by Google-owned YouTube, is that you get one of the most beautiful looking YouTube channels in existence.

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The folks over at ifixit just tore apart a brand new Google Nexus One smartphone with great photos of its insides to show off.