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Do rich people with nice cars just drive around with each other all day? This seems like a nice life.

I love that their skits are mostly based on senseless competition between the two of them. So funny.

Jalopnik unearths this rare video of a Russian dashcam not recording a disaster. Instead, it is a compilation of good deeds.


This is the kind of look I like. Nothing too fancy or in vogue with the fashion world, but still utterly simple and stylish. Cathy has it down to a T. And the 365 Stranger project apparently thinks so too!

It’s created by different companies/people, but this Rise Alarm Clock app really reminds me in look and functionality of the Solar Weather App for iOS. The app is easy to use, gorgeous right off the bat, and works like a charm without too many bells and whistles to get you confused. It’s $1.99 in the […]

Where is your Wilderness from Salomon on Vimeo. This is a beautifully shot video. Not sure what it’s for though.