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This is really interesting and I did not know that! I’m actually surprised that this isn’t seen more commonly among videos on YouTube or something.


For an entire year I lived next to a 7-Eleven in Koreatown, Los Angeles. It was the familiar site I looked for as I drove home just about every day and the comforting glow in the dark as I ventured out late at night (or really early in the mornings). Harlan Erskine’s photos of 10 […]

I would love to ride along with Karsten Clennel (KC) here. I’ve always been interested in listening to fire department and police department scanners (not to mention their Twitter accounts too) and the only thing it seems that I’m not doing is getting into a car and following the news as it happens.  

We Wander from Dvein on Vimeo.

Man, some of the sound effects in this video are so disturbing. But what an incredible view of various animals at night — a time when we imagine the outside world to be rather still. But it is not!


Beautiful images of abandoned gas stations at night by Noel Kerns.