I didn’t know this but I could see how it would make sense. The Wall Street Journal posted this video on the fishing industry’s practices in renaming and essentially “rebranding” fish as some other fish to sell more fish to people who wouldn’t otherwise know any better.


From their press release: A new high resolution weather model developed by NOAA’s Earth Systems Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado was made operational by the National Weather Service. The High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model generates extremely detailed 3-kilometer resolution data for a multitude of 2-D and 3-D variables, each with 15 minute intervals. This […]

This is a neat video from NASA and the NOAA showing the subtle changes of planet earth’s vegetation over a year’s seasons. This sort of reminds me of MapBox’s Cloudless Atlas. Here’s a flat version. And here’s a spinning globe version.

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A newly released NASA-NOAA satellite image gives a good sense of what the world looks like in darkness. Look at how bright the Northeast US is! You can see the entire image set on Flickr. Impressive! And if you missed it previously, here is the Earth during the day in the new “Blue Marble” image.