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Paul Wex creates a music video using Nokia 3D Maps

For his song Wide Web World, Paul Wex used 3D imagery from Nokia’s 3D MapsĀ and spliced them together into this montage. This seems to be on par with Google Earth.

GIZMODO – Nokia Lumia 920 from Gizmodo on Vimeo. This phone and its operating system are so beautiful.

To launch the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia hired Deadmau5 and some fancy 4D projectors and took over an entire high-rise structure with it. Amazing!

Very interesting! I would imagine that this flexibility would be great for gaming. Maybe not so much for normal navigating as the man in this video insists.

This sweet 2-and-a-half-minute short was short entirely on a Nokia N8 cellphone and was the winner of Nokia’s Short video competition this year. It deserves the title!