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Springtime with Obaachan – Japan from Andy Ellis on Vimeo. I want a bathtub like the one shown around the 2:30 mark. Beautiful video of people returning to a sense of normalcy after the Japanese tsunami disaster.

This is the most normal and down to earth interview with Megan Fox I’ve seen. She seems normal here.


Photographer Ken Tisuthiwongse is fast becoming one of my favorites. He’s got an incredible eye for light and capturing the mundane in a very striking way.

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Twin Palms Publishers sent over this wonderful book of photos by Americna photographer William Eggleston called For Now and I’ve been enjoying it very much. To start off, Eggleston has always been one of my favorite photographers for his ability to extract the weirdness out of the everyday object/scene/place and this new and never-before-seen collection […]

Above is an example of some of the odd and somewhat amusing videos that 0 Views is digging up. The site aims to bring attention to some of the less popular videos on YouTube. Basically, if you want a site that explores the wonders of the majority of YouTube uploads, this is your best bet. […]