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I had no idea that North Dakota is one of the largest oil basins in the United States. Here’s a video from Alldayeveryday that shows how GE and Ferus have teamed up to store what would otherwise be wasted energy from flare stacks and deliver it to the end user for cheap.

I feel for this woman. Such a sad story of what it’s like to be living in America for a lot of the country.


Photo: Andrew Filer In Focus just posted a bunch of photos from photographer Andrew Filer who has literally gone to every place in North Dakota and walked away from it with a photo of the place. It’s part of a project he’s doing called Everydot and now that he’s done with North Dakota, he wants […]


Photo: Scott Olsen/Getty Images This has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time, so excuse the untimely manner in which this post is published. About a week ago, Fargo, North Dakota and its surrounding flatlands were flooded with a slow-moving field of water created by the cresting of the Red River. What resulted […]