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Aftenposten has sent 3 young Norwegian youths abroad to check out the places where their clothes are made. The youths are asked to go about a day in the life of a garment factory worker and to even, at times, make some clothes themselves. Their reactions are captured in this multi-part series.

I’ve never had a Daddelrull (I hope I’m using the term correctly), but they sure do look delicious.

Real Life Exp. on Nowness.com. A short by Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli about two girls who get locked into an indoor swimming pool and end up passing the time by hanging with each other. A beautifully shot short film about…well, the mundane life.

Gawker posted this video of an insane Norwegian man ice skating almost naked, drinking a lot of booze, and diving full-body into a mostly frozen lake. Normal practice for the winters in Norway? You tell me.