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Along with the lovely video of Aaron Draplin speaking about his collection of memo books, Field Notes has also posted relatively big scans of these covers to show just how amazing and deep the breadth of this design niche really is. Go to the site to click on each cover and see it bigger.


Really down with these neon colors from Field Notes Brand. Get this pack now for $11.95!


Tanner Goods is making a foray into non-leather goods with the introduction of these hand-sewn linen notebooks, each available for $15. Not only do they contian 48 graph paper pages, they also spew out knot information, animal track information, and other random facts you might need if you’re stuck outside.


This Corter Field Notes leather sleeve is perfect. Made of 4oz. vegetable tanned leather and hand sewn to perfection. It includes a pencil/pen holder and will most likely age very well. Just $56!


Have you seen the work of Mattias Adolfsson? His gallery is filled with whimsical drawings from inside his notebook and his blog is a real treat to browse through. Here’s a bit of what you can expect.