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This is so nuts. I can’t believe ABC sent a film crew inside this place so soon after the nuclear disaster.

This is heavy. It takes a while to get to the Japan portion, but when it comes to it…man, it’s just so sad.

Stories about this place freak me out. I cannot believe these people voluntarily walk back into this neighborhood.

Here’s video taken between 1951-1957 of US Army Soldiers observing atomic bomb blasts. Video has no sound.


Clap Lipsky Photoshop’d a bunch of tourists looking at nuclear explosions for his series entitled Atomic Overlook. It all seems so normal…

A Thousand Reasons from Dan Britt on Vimeo. Daniel Britt does a spectacular job folding lots of paper cranes and other papercrafts for this stop-motion video about the need to reduce nuclear weapons in the world.