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Put Your Number In My Phone

Who knew that getting numbers from girls was as easy as just going up to them and asking them to do so!


Ladies and gentlemen, as of today, I am the proud owner of a highly coveted 212 area code phone number. These numbers are hard to come by nowadays and getting one to use is very rare for new phone subscribers. Also, this is an interesting fact from Wikipedia: New York City was given area code […]


Remember that Cusco fax that I posted earlier? Well, it was taken from The Fax Blog, a peculiar but wonderful idea for a blog that takes submissions only via a secret fax number. The blog creator was recently interviewed on The Next Web’s Tumblr Tuesday feature¬†about the project and how it came about. Certainly interesting […]


Illustration by Daniel Pelavin LetterCult has launched their 6th Alphabattle in which they ask artists to make art around the number 6. I like the one above by Daniel Pelavin, but you should check out the rest of the collection that’s growing here.