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Photos by Adam “Slice” Kuban on Flickr On BBC Radio 4′s Today program, John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s Pizza, accidentally caused some controversy when he suggested that customers not eat more than 2 slices of pizza for health reasons. This was taken as bad news by shareholders primarily because you cannot buy pizza […]


Photo: Fresh Vegemite by AZAdam The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) is considering a ban of Vegemite, a salty yeast-extract product that has been a staple of Australian culture since 1922. The Australian government has set up a preemptive task force to look into how the government can curb a rising obesity epidemic that […]

This is just a quick update on Jessica, the 200-pound 4-year-old that I mentioned earlier today. Inside Edition caught up with Jessica and her mom to see what has been done about the child’s obesity problem, and it turns out that the news is good! Since the Maury show, Jessica has lost somewhere around 320 […]