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A young boy bullied by a group of others finds a unique way to fight back without actually resorting to violence.

This is so funny to me. Odd Future was on BET’s 106 and Park recently to promote season 3 of their show Loiter Squad and in the process decided to troll the network real hard by dressing up as your everyday hip hop artists. Anybody who knows Odd Future and its individual members will know […]

Of all of the members of Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt is the one I find most intriguing and mysterious. He’s one of the youngest members but he’s also probably one of the better lyricists in the group — and that deep voice of his definitely doesn’t exactly match his young looking face. It always takes […]

Fake Japanese energy drink fools Odd Future members during casting call

OH MY GOODNESS. This is too good. Tyler The Creator fooled members of Odd Future into thinking they were going into a casting call for a Japanese energy drink. Chaos and hilarious hijinks ensue.