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Not liking that new TOS from Google that says they can use your face and name next to any advertisement? Well, no worries, you can turn that option off on this page. Done!

Damn, this guy is going fast! At times 120MPH and with no lights! UPDATE: A longer video posted below.

The University of Michigan has created a fabric that repels just about all forms of liquid. Watch the video above to see them bounce and slide right off. Crazy. Boats are going to be SO FAST once these start getting used widely. [via]

Surface Switch Book from Takashi Kondo on Vimeo. Look at this project that uses conductive ink and paper to activate lights and sounds. Imagine a whole house built with this technology!

I’ve posted a slow-motion video of a ladybug taking off before but this new video from pcoimaging is so much clearer and slower! Gotta watch this! [via]