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The accident occurs very quickly at the end of the video. And to spoil the surprise, it happens with a horse.

A profile of an 86-year-old man named Pat Murphy from We Are Films. He is a fisherman and has been for most of his adult life. Amazingly, despite his age, he’s still doing it and still making a living off of it.


Earlier today I posted a video about Googie Architecture¬†in Los Angeles and one of the things I found out was that one of the oldest McDonald’s in America still has some of its original Googie architectural elements in place. This McDonald’s is located in Downey, California¬†and still has the 2 original 30-foot golden arches and […]


The Arcade is one of the oldest landmarks in Cleveland. It’s now a Hyatt Hotel with a shopping center on the ground and basement floors and it’s a beautiful looking place. Unfortunately, it’s completely barren and ridiculously hot in there. I could totally see this place being like the Queen Victoria Building on George Street […]

Man, this shop looks like it would be a great place to find buried treasure of some sort. Or I suppose the entire shop is treasure since it’s stocked with rare and very hard to find parts for old pianos that still play. Watch shop owner Marc Manceaux break apart, salvage, and make his own […]