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A supercut of every “Oh my god” Scully says in X-Files.

So…I must be behind on the times. I didn’t know that the voice behind the “OH MY GOD” part of the Skrillex song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” was taken from an actual YouTube viral video. Somebody put them together in sync (above). Here’s the original below without the music.

OMG is exactly right! That’s Justin Schulte right there.

OMG. This man owns an insanely organized and complete collection of highly sought after and rare Nike collectible sneakers. There are over 2000 pairs in this so-called ShoeZeum. The 11-minute video above gives you a tour of the place and I have a feeling that it does this place no justice at all. I need […]

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A huge sinkhole in Guatemala has consumed a large portion of an intersection in the Zone 2 section of the city. The sinkhole was apparently caused by tropical storm Agatha as it removed soil underneath the city streets. The Guatemalan government has a large photo posted on Flickr if you’re interested.