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Surface Switch Book from Takashi Kondo on Vimeo. Look at this project that uses conductive ink and paper to activate lights and sounds. Imagine a whole house built with this technology!


The roof at the concourse at Michigan Central Station has been completely removed (below) and the main terminal now has light (above)! [via]

It seems as if the as-yet-to-be-released Fujifilm XF1 has a zoom ring that involves twisting, turning, pulling, and sliding to operate different functions of the camera. I hope this won’t be a cause for mechanical failure. I personally would just prefer a button. [via]


Photo:┬áDan Austin/HistoricDetroit.org I reported earlier that work was beginning steadfast at the Michigan Central Terminal site and according to Dan Austin at HistoricDetroit.org, lights have been seen on at the lobby level for the past week. It’s been a while since this place lit up!