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Apparently, this is some viral food video going around and this person just wanted to see if it was for real. It is.

The Verge writes a really great in-depth article (with videos) about the new HTC One (M8). Check out their video review inside, or watch the video above about the design team behind this phone.

Just caught word of this OneWheel Electric Skateboard on Kickstarter. It was recently successfully funded which means you might see some of these on the street pretty soon. I’d love to try! Reminds me of the Solo Wheel.

This is spectacular television. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been collaborating with strangers on the internet to make short videos on his YouTube channel hitrecord¬†and now it’s a full television show, with 8 full episodes, each with its own theme. The first episode fittingly, is all about the number ONE. Such a great show! Watch the full […]