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Jalopnik has the story behind an abandoned BMW dealership in Ontario which seems to have been left behind fully intact and stocked with 20-year-old BMW’s. It’s a very weird story, and one that doesn’t seem to find a concrete ending, but the photos themselves are pretty interesting. It’s amazing that nobody’s broken the glass out […]


BoingBoing posted this wonderful and hilarious gallery of people getting caught in their most frightened state in Niagara Falls, Ontario’s Nightmares Fear Factory. Trust me, these will make you laugh.

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Wow, check out this colorful video called DO THE WORLD A FAVOUR by Tendril + PitĂș that helps promote electronics recycling in Ontario, Canada. Nice, nice (had to say it twice). Do the world a favour / OES from CHRIS + ALEXANDRE on Vimeo.

Lake Shore Blvd. westbound bridge demolition from Spacing Magazine on Vimeo. This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. It shows the Westbound Lake Shore Blvd bridge being dismantled/demolished in Ontario, Canada. The video is a time-lapse of the events over the course of a few days. Thanks Kottke!