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Hahahhaahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I can’t. This was too good. I don’t even want to ruin it for you. Just watch this video.

Just moments after a police pursuit ending with the arrest of a drunk driver, another drunk driver smashed their vehicle into a police cruiser still investigating the first drunk driver. The entire smash was caught on camera (slow motion version above). The full version of the incident is shown below, with the crash happening around […]

Somebody at the BBC really screwed up. In a recent BBC News report, the logo for Halo’s United Nations Space Command (UNSC) was used in place of the United Nations’ actual logo. Maybe they thought the UN Security Council was the same thing?

Holy cow, Kottke is right. The first 10 seconds of this video is a must-see! But so is the rest of it! So basically, this whole video is a must-see!