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I always wondered what fireworks shows would look like if all the fireworks went off at once. Now I know, thanks to the community fireworks display at Oban, Scotland. [via]


A cleaning lady in Germany accidentally cleaned the dripping bowl of “When It Starts Dripping From The Ceiling” by late artist Martin Kippenberger. The sculpture, picture above, is reportedly worth over $1 million USD. If museums would stop pricing silly work at millions of dollars, then this wouldn’t be such a big deal.

So the Chinese built this boat called the SS Jiugang and upon launching it into the sea, it sank. Man…there goes approximately $2.6 million. [via]

Her facial expression after she messes up is so funny! This girls mad good though!

All of those lights couldn’t save him. HAHAHA, I am funny. Give me a prize!

Haha, this video of Oscar messing up a lot during filming is funny. Plus, he’s wearing a full-blown American flag as a T-shirt. Right on. [via]