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This post has beenĀ edited and revised many times over, each time with a slightly better version of running Theme Hospital on the Mac. As of today, this is the best way to run Theme Hospital on your Mac, in high resolution thanks to the work of the open-source clone of Theme Hospital from CorsixTH. Here’s […]

I miss the days that I had a big monitor. Why? Mostly for the bigger screen real estate, but also now because I just found out about this Kickstarter project for something called the Lightpack. It’s an open-source device that controls LED modules that you paste behind your monitor which emulate the colors that are […]

There’s a lot of tech that’s spoken of in this video, but here’s basically what you need to know: An open-source camera system exists. It’s good, it’s hackable, and it’s dirt cheap compared to other cameras in its class. It’s nowhere near consumer use just yet, but it’s exciting that this sort of thing exists.

Wow, check out this massive Kickstarter project that has already raised over $4 million for an open-source gaming platform powered by Android. The OUYA will allow independent game designers to create games for the console and let people with the OUYA play parts of the games for free (or sometimes, the entire game for free). […]


Lifehacker reports that the folks behind VLC are working on an open-source cross-platform video creation software that already sounds like it’s going to be pretty awesome. The software, dubbed VideoLAN Movie Creator, is said to be released “soon”. Cool.


Google just introduced the Google Chrome OS, a new lightweight operating system built from the ground up (just like the Chrome browser) to work with today’s web landscape. Google says the Chrome OS will initially be targeted at netbooks being sold to consumers beginning in 2010 and that the source code for the operating system […]