Tag: optical illusion

This is a fantastic optical illusion hand-painted into the insides of 3 boxes. The eyes and faces of the dog, cat, and fox seem to follow you wherever you go. Kind of reminds me of that paper dragon illusion that uses the same trick.


Have a look at this spiral of colors above. Do you see the green and blue spirals going toward the center? Well, what you see as green and blue is actually the same exact color (Discover Magazine has RGB proof). The visual trick here occurs because our brains “see” colors based upon the colors that […]


The Curiosity Shoppe is selling these cube switchplates for $9. The switchplates fit over normal light switches and wall outlets (US) and give the appearance of a 3D cube. Fun stuff, but I question whether it’s $9 worth of fun (especially when you can essentially do the same thing with some good markers and art […]