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Stop what you’re doing and head on over to Marc Trujillo’s blog and look at his paintings. So cool.

Seth Godin’s hypothesis of how objects and ideas go viral and get spread from person to person really plays a party in my daily life I think. No longer are items being marketed to the “safe” consumer growing at exponential rates. Instead, I’ve been seen a huge increase in very specifically tailored objects and services […]


I really like this series of photos called “American Palimpsests” by self-described American-Iranian-Jewish photographer Stacy Arezou Mehrfar who is based out of Australia. Not sure what the name means to be honest, but the photos are gorgeous and make me want to wander into middle America (even if these aren’t necessarily taken in middle-America.

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Bryan Schutmaat takes some very appetizing photos of the American West. Ordinary places and things never looked so lovely.


Wow, these are fantastic photos of isolation from photographer Marek Wykowski. Click the thumbnails below to see them a bit bigger.