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Have a look at the wonderful landscape photos in Drew Kelly’s photo series Explorations (he’s got a Flash site, so I can’t link directly to it). They depict an American landscape in the West that is familiar yet strange all at once. I feel like I know of places like the ones he has photographed, […]

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I’ve been a friend of Elin’s for several years now and I’m pretty excited for her to come here to NY this weekend for work. Elin is a photographer hailing from Sweden who I studied with in Melbourne a couple of years back. I’ve always liked looking at her photographs because they transport me to […]


I don’t even recall how I came across this photographer, but I really like his work. Check out Lucas Hardonk’s portfolio here and tell me you don’t feel like visiting the places he’s been!


ahorn magazine linked to this wonderful photo series by Sean Stewart called Rivertown that documents the post-industrial towns in the Monongahelo river valley near Pittsburgh, PA. The photographs are incredibly beautiful depictions of a very ordinary place that are disappearing because of what sociologists define as “deindustrialization” (basically, the slow-down in growth of cities built […]

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It’s hard to take photos of very ordinary things and make them interesting to look at, but Jessica Backhaus does a very good job of it. Click the thumbnails below to see some of my favorites from her. [via]


I’m very much liking these paintings of ordinary looking houses by Robyn Sweaney, who takes her artistic inspiration from her hometown of Mullumbimby. If you are in NSW, Australia, Robyn’s work will be on display at the Iain Dawson gallery from November 10-21.