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Chris McVeigh is a pretty creative guy. He makes LEGO creations of all kinds and for this holiday season, he’s giving out instructions on how to make your own LEGO Christmas ornaments. The Christmas tree above is just one of the few creations you can make with his instructions. Try ‘em all!


Available Christmas 2012 (yes, another year) are these Pantone Christmas ornaments in 10 Pantone colors. Nice eh? If you want them this year, you can counterfeit your own, so long as you don’t care about color accuracy.


Photo via ScoutingNY The next time I’m in Staten Island, I want to drive by the house at 724 Todt Hill Road so I can see this amazing lawn design for myself. Not only does this house include dinosaurs, it also has farm animals, wild animals, monsters, and even people as lawn decorations. It doesn’t […]

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On the heels of graffiti writer SURE’s death in Afghanistan, his closest friend and fellow partner in crime FAUST decided to make these SURE Christmas tree ornaments to remember his friend. They were handed out to close family members and friends to help them cope with the loss.