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An interesting read on the rundown of the good and bad design choices in the current public beta release of OS X Yosemite.


iDownloadblog is reporting that Apple will be opening up the OS X Yosemite beta preview program to the public starting tomorrow. All you have to do is be one of the first million people to sign up for the public beta program here and you’ll be notified of when you can download and start giving feedback for […]


I just started using Path Finder 6 for Mac OS X and I’m already loving it. I first heard about this app because I was looking for a way to revert back to the old-style color tagging system of files and folders in Mac OS X before Apple decided to completely revamp the color system in […]

I’m about to install this Linux build known as Elementary OS that mixes the best of both Linux and OS X worlds. It looks familiar because it’s partially inspired by the look and feel of OS X. Download it for free here if you want to try it out.