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Motherboard has done the work for us and downloaded and installed an operating system released by North Korea. The OS is called RedStar OS 3.0 and it is basically a clone of Mac OS X with a few changes. I wouldn’t recommend downloading the torrent and running it on a machine connected to the internet, […]

I’ve been so out of the loop lately with new tech advancements. So I’m thankful that The Verge is doing videos like this┬ásummarize some of the new developments in tech. In this case, Google’s new Material Design language which will appear first on Android L. I love how this looks.

For all the work they’ve done in making their mobile OS look fantastic, the folks at Microsoft seem to have left out an integral part of their software — actual functionality. Their voice software which is being put up against Apple’s Siri doesn’t even stand a chance at the moment. Watch how it fails oh […]

This is a fabulous promo video for Google’s newly announced Chromebook, a cloud-based laptop with no programs, no desktop, and no annoying updates. You do everything on the web, and it looks amazing. Check out some more of these other promo videos for the Chromebook. Really simple, colorful, and understandable.

RIM just released a new video demo of the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6. The video shows a lot of touchscreen capabilities and overall swiftness, but what about OS 6 on non-touchscreen devices?