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I really like this bare-bones desk lamp. Although, a shade would be nice because…this is going to blind the heck out of you from your peripheral vision. Maybe put in a very low watt bulb instead and use it for secondary lighting.


I love this! I just heard about the Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switch + Motion Sensor bundle which makes it incredibly easy to control appliances via your iPhone. With the Belkin WeMo system, you can add as many or as little automatic devices to your household as you wish without having to worry about re-wiring. […]


The Juice Tank is an interesting iPhone case and wall charger built into one unit. Instead of relying on the standard power adapter and iPhone sync cord, the Juice Tank features two foldable prongs that plug into any standard US outlet without the need for any extra accessories. The Kickstarter campaign to get this going […]


Click to enlarge Here’s a good treat for everyone in the NYC area starting tomorrow (6/16) until Mon (6/20): Wieden + Kennedy NY are hosting a unique pop-up shop experience with 40 select retailers all selling off goods at either bargain prices or full retail. The SHOP as it’s so conveniently named, is sort of […]

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You’ll probably want to bookmark this site, as J.Crew has started to put its factory outlet sales items online in a weekend-only sales site. You now no longer have to drive to an outlet centre to get J.Crew deals so long as you’re content on waiting an entire week’s time to get at those prices.

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See that there? That’s an outlet with an integrated extension cord that recoils into the wall if it’s not being used. If you need it, the extension cord comes out of the wall with a simple squeeze of the buttons on the side of the plug and then drags out up to 1.5 meters (almost […]