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Hahaha, this report from RT verifies once and for all that penguins do not fall over and die when they tip their heads up to watch planes flying overhead. As for how this even became widely accepted as truth…well, that’s just another story I’d love to hear. [via]


Brett Camper made this 8-bit map of New York City to relive the joys of playing an 8-bit video game with an overhead map view of the game territory. He’s currently got a Kickstarter project proposal going to expand this same idea to 15 new cities (8 which he has already chosen and 7 which […]

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This 1940′s operating theater light is taken straight out of a German hospital and re-fitted to fit regular incandescent bulbs for use in the home or office setting. It’s a unique lighting fixture that will run you about $4200 USD from Trainspotting. It’s unfortunate that this is so expensive.


Photo by Keo You may have heard that an MTA truck struck a road sign on the Whitestone Bridge yesterday afternoon causing the bridge to get closed. Well, here’s a picture of that fallen overhead sign. Amazing that nobody was seriously injured. If you’re curious, it looks like the bridge is back in operation this […]