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Over at GOOD there’s a post filled with examples of conceptual and prototype product packaging that disappears/dissolves with use. In the example shown here, OXO got rid of the plastic wrap-around label and printed icons directly onto the glass. Small steps, but one that can lead to big differences for these big companies.


This is embarrassing for Quirky. Last week, Quirky protested in front of the Oxo offices (just a few blocks away from each other on Manhattan’s west side) about Oxo stealing a dustpan idea from one of Quirky’s independent designers named Bill Ward. The event was spread in photos and video across the internet and for […]

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For the latter half of this week, I’ve been making my own coffee and bringing it to work in the Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug, a wonderful and affordable thermos that has a neat quick-release button at the top to prevent your beverage from spilling. The button allows you to seal the contents of […]


I just purchased an Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug. Hoping to save myself some money on coffee every morning. Plus, I’ve heard good reviews about this mug. I’ll let you all know how it is when I get it in.