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German director Werner Herzog serves as the voice of this immortal plastic bag as it searches for its maker and soon realizes that it has outlived just about everything else on Earth. This is a great short film that shows how using plastics has affected our environment and will have consequences far beyond our own […]

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Chris Jordan photographed these tragic albatross chicks who have perished from eating plastic garbage fed to them by their parents. The parents pick up the garbage from the polluted ocean surrounding the Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. There are more photos from this series on Chris Jordan’s website.


This looks fun! In a rare natural event, the Pacific ocean on the coast of Australia near Sydney, has turned into what looks to be a huge 30-mile bubble bath! Dubbed by locals as the “Cappuccino Coast“, the ocean foam (or bubbles) are a result of impurities in the ocean “such as salts, chemicals, dead […]