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Over at GOOD there’s a post filled with examples of conceptual and prototype product packaging that disappears/dissolves with use. In the example shown here, OXO got rid of the plastic wrap-around label and printed icons directly onto the glass. Small steps, but one that can lead to big differences for these big companies.


Design firm mousegraphics’ aim here with Youth Lab cosmetics was to convey a sense of personal beauty lab through the use of product packaging. With clean white faces and bold accent colors, mousegraphics makes a slightly retro look seem modern for your bathroom.


Erik Askin wanted to see if he could discourage the use of a harmful product through its product packaging design and went straight to cigarettes as the control product. With its relatively slim and rectangle shaped box design, cigarettes are able to be carried almost anywhere by smokers. Erik’s aim here was to design the […]


There’s not much info given here, but I suspect that this redesign done by Sweden’s BVD group isn’t going to come State-side any time soon. Although if it did I wouldn’t be mad. This looks nice.

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Look at the labels on these ice cream packages made by Eric Timmerman for Amy’s Ice Cream. Colorful, bold, and eye-catching! Would love to see these on supermarket shelves.