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The Packard Plant Project just posted some images of the abandoned Packard Auto Plant after a quick cleanup on the ground floor. Debris has been removed and you can see the concrete floor again.

I’ve been here before and it’s always a trip to see new footage from it. It’s one of the largest single-abandoned facilities on earth and the size of it is truly impressive (also a bit sad of course too). The Packard Auto Plant was a center figure in the book I just finished called Detroit: […]

Eddie Huang starts off this episode at the famed and abandoned Packard Auto Plant. He meets up with Packard’s only real resident Allan Hill who I’ve posted a number of things about. I met Allan a few years ago when I visited Detroit.


Check this out: If all goes well, Bill Hults will be the owner of the over 3 million square feet of space in Detroit that formerly housed the Packard Auto Plant. For years now the plant has been abandoned and lays claim to being one of the largest abandoned structures in the world. Bill Hults […]

The iconic bridge still stands today.

Somehow I’ve missed this entirely. But check this out: Detroiturbex has an entire slideshow of archival images from the Packard Auto Plant in Detroit before its complete abandonment. Also, it has been reported that the roof of building 5 at Packard has collapsed.