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I miss this place so much. I’ve been twice now, but I already have an idea of HOW I would like to go back here next time. Hopefully soon…


I went here not too long ago and it was an amazing experience. The Packard Plant is no doubt steeped in rich automotive history and to see it today in such great ruins is just sad. On the one hand, it’s an urban explorer’s paradise, 3.5 million square feet of just room after room and […]


An incredible look at The Packard Plant in Detroit. It’s a whopping 3.5 million square feet of abandoned building after abandoned building. If I remember correctly, it currently stands as one of the largest abandoned structures in the world. Video after the jump!

Does anybody bother to put these fires out anymore or do they just let them burn out themselves?


Photo: Becky Stern Becky Stern wandered into what is now the abandoned and crumbling Packard Auto Plant in Detroit and snapped some images of the decay there. I still can’t wrap my head around how such large structures get to this state. I know why, but how do people let this just happen over time? […]