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This is a fantastic idea.¬†Ecovative Design¬†has developed a way to grow and mold mushrooms to act as a substitute for styrofoam packaging. It protects items just the same as styrofoam with the added benefit of the mushrooms being biodegradable, organic, and compostable. You can of course use them again for packaging other things, but if […]

The MMS-2200 is an automatic mattress packing machine. If you’ve ever wondered how those mattresses in stores get put into those giant plastic bags, well, here you go.

I should pack my things with dubstep in the background. Might get more stuff done. But might also be more dangerous.

Stow: The Modern Packing List for iOS

Stow, a new $1.99 app on the App Store aims to be a complete solution to never forgetting anything on a travel trip, ever. The app breaks your packing down to checklists much like you would probably do on a piece of paper but reminds you of things you may have missed. Of course, this […]

Some good tips here from Louis Vuitton. Play with the interactive site seen in the video above here.

Wow, I’m very impressed with this easy to use packing material called Instapak Quick that uses auto-expanding foam to give odd-shaped items superb protection. The foam inside each of these small bags expands to almost 27 times the bag’s original size and quickly conforms to the shape of any object pressed into it. Watch the […]