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This is really unsettling to see. Deadspin published a map of the highest paid public employees for each state in the US and found that football coaches are making bank! Yes, odds are that your state’s football coach is probably making more than your governor, mayor, senator, etc. after bonuses each year. It’s important to […]

The unemployment rate in Spain is 25%?????!!!! What’s worse, according to this video from The New York Times, those who do have work aren’t even getting paid because of how bad the economy is over there.

An interesting video report from VICE on a woman named Donna Simpson who lived a life, at least for a while, as a heavy set woman eating in front of a webcam for men with big-women-fetish. She is now attempting to lose the weight and get into a healthier lifestyle but the road from 600 […]

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The New York Times announced officially today that beginning 2011, their website will move to a paid subscription base for readers that read more than a set number of free articles per month. The New York Times hasn’t said how many articles that will be, but one thing’s for sure, once you pass that number, […]

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Check this ridiculous news out: The New York Times is attempting to con some folks into paying $3.45 a week for news that’s already mostly free. If there ever was a sign that “The Gray Lady” wasn’t quite understanding the digital revolution, then this certainly is it. In an attempt to seem hip and relevant, […]