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So weird! I literally watched them paint this sign at the end of the video all last week.

Australian underwear company Triumph has renamed their typical fruit-named underwear shapes with traditional painter’s name in an attempt to make women feel better about their body shapes. This will not work and this will not increase their sales.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo. Malcolm Murray directed this short documentary about the men in Sky High Murals, one of the last remaining mural painting companies in New York City. It’s an incredibly touching and short piece that really makes you appreciate the high-risk job that these men continue to take in a world […]

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Wow, this is how all photography portfolio’s should be like. Jay B. Sauceda’s website features images that self-resize without losing their image quality. I also love his super-huge splash images when you refresh his index page. [via] Oh, and you should definitely check out his “Sign Painters” series.