Tag: paintings

Discovered the work of Jason Edmiston recently. Really weird, really horrifying, and really awesome paintings and artwork. He’s got a store that sells prints. These would make great gifts!


WIRED has a great slideshow of images taken by Daniel Kukla in his series Captive Landscapes that shows the murals and paintings inside zoo animal enclosures to help the animals feel more at home. More photos inside.

These are actually really neat. Check out Rop van Mierlo’s “uncontrolled” paintings here. He has a book filled with these wonderful paintings called Wild Animals which you can purchase for just $33.


Have you seen Davis Cone’s hyper-realistic paintings? They are truly incredible. Even at close inspection in person it is hard to tell that these aren’t just everyday photographs of familiar places. More examples inside.


Stumbled upon Alexis Rockman’s work recently and I’m really loving it! I really don’t know how to describe it (forgive me for the stupid title here), but it’s just really neat artwork. Check it out.